Novamass Ltd continues to offer the ADME studies offered previously under SBW brand.

Novamass is an innovative and dynamic CRO company providing services for drug discovery and development. We offer comprehensive and seamless world class services, expertise and platforms for drug discovery. Our experience comes from serving over 150 pharma and biotech customers in over 20 countries with over 1000 projects during over 10 years. Our customers range from virtual biotechs and academic groups to several global top 20 pharmaceutical companies. Novamass is located in Helsinki, Finland. We provide both standardized as well as services tailored for each customer, project and molecule. Our goal is to help our customers to run drug discovery faster, help to choose the right tests at right time and help to reduce attritions in clinical trials. Novamass is specializing on ADME/DMPK analytics, including bioanalytics, metabolite identification, kinetic studies, reactivity and species differences in metabolism, drug-interactions, permeabilities and physicochemical characterizations.

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