Jan 152012

We are thrilled to annouce that we have moved to our brand new laboratory premises in Viikki science park, Helsinki, Finland. We have joined our cross discliplinary expertise into one location, with all the ADME/DMPK analytics (Novamass), protein and in vitro cell models as well as possibility for in vivo animal work (in addition to another in vivo site in Turku, Finland; 2 hrs distance). In addition to all the high-end instrumentation, more importantly also all the key personnel have also relocated to the new premises. High level of scientific expertise has always been one of the cornerstones in our work.
Cultivator II

Viiki science campus is the leading life science campus in Finland. It is a vibrant ecosystem of drug discovery and other life-science companies together with very high profile university life-science faculties and research groups in a very modern campus area. Just next door to us are many of the leading scientific institutes in Finland, e.g. University of Helsinki, Center for Drug Discovery, Faculty of Biological Science, Institute of Biotechnology and Neuroscience Center, with which we have various collaboration projects for developing new expertise to drug discovery.

The relocation and following setup, calibrations and validations took place during the Christmas – New Year period and currently we are fully operational in the new premises.

During the following weeks and months, new high end instrumentation beyond what we already have, will arrive and new expertise services will be launched with recruited new personnel. This all is in addition to our previous expertise. Stay tuned for more information.

Our email addresses and phone/fax number stay the same, please see the new visiting address on this page www.sbw.fi/contact.