Feb 072012

Conjugation metabolism (phase II metabolism) is a centrally important area in ADME studies. Understanding conjugation metabolism itself and e.g. its relation to reactive metabolites and idiosyncratic toxicity is currently well understood in many drug discovery projects. However, there are still less expertise available in conjugation metabolism as compared to the more standardized phase I / CYP metabolism.

In this respect, we are very pleased to announce a new scientist, Mika Kurkela, has joined SBW team. Mika Kurkela holds a M.Sc. in biochemistry and a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy from the University of Helsinki. He has over ten years experience in phase II drug metabolism studies and analytics of conjugated drug metabolites and published over 20 papers in peer reviewed journals on this topic (see PubMed). Mika has previously worked in the top academic research group focused on studies on structure and function of the UGTs (UDP-glucuronosyltransferases) and other conjugatin metabolism enzymes and participated in development of HTS (high throughput screening) methods for phase II metabolizing enzymes.

We are very enthusiastic of Mika joining our scientific team in Helsinki. Both Mika as well as Dr Finel (a member of SBW Scientific Advisory Board) demonstrate our commitment to the drug metabolism expertise and expanding our world leading expertise in drug metabolism to cover also the conjugation metabolism (phase II metabolism) in addition to our other established ADME-Tox services. We are currently working on a number of novel assays in drug conjugation area and will soon make them commercially available.

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