Oct 192012

SBW has ended its operative work some time ago due to disagreements between its owners. At the same time Toxis Ltd and our Indian offices has been closed down. Novamass Ltd and 4Pharma Ltd will continue to offer their valuable services as a separate companies. Despite these unfortunate news, Novamass Ltd is continuing to offer its ADME services normally. The brand and web pages of SBW will be changed to Novamass brand in the future. Novamass Ltd will be located in the same premises in Viikki as before. The operative management of the Novamass Ltd remains as it was before the reorganization and scientist Mika Kurkela will continue his valuable work in the company. Prof. Kari Laasonen (deputy member eProf. Olavi Pelkonen) are nominated as a board members of the company.

We apology these unfortunate changes to our customers!