About SBW


SBW is an integrated contract research organization (CRO), located in Helsinki, Finland and has offices also in Germany and North-America. We operate under the brands SBW/BiodixSBW/Toxis and SBW/novamass. We offer comprehensive services and platforms for drug discovery, functional food ingredients testing, REACH chemical safety assessment and related life science areas.

Our services have more than 100 customers in aroung 20 countries in Europe, Asia and US. We offer services on a fee for service –basis as well as contracting early discovery projects on milestone reward basis. As a proof of our model, we bring our expertise and experience from more than 600 engagements with customers ranging from virtual Biotechs to several top 10 Pharmaceutical companies.

We also promote industry‐academia partnerships and are involved in many academic research projects aiming to provide novel innovation services. We are also authors in over 60 peer-reviewed research papers on drug research and technologies since 2005.

Our Differentiators


We have high level of specification to the study types we provide. Our main focus is in top class services, customized for each account, project and molecule. For example, we do not use any generic methods in bioanalytics and related service, but develop and test those for each molecule.


We have a full commitment to best quality science and communication. We have SOPs for all our studies accordingly to the best industry standards and have trained our personnel accordingly. When applicable, our protocols adhere to the regulatory guidelines. Together with the ease of communication directly with the study directors and customer care processes, this results in longstanding relationship with our customers.


We offer a comprehensive set of standalone individual services with fast delivery and fixed price. However, majority of the projects are customized studies based on specific customer requirements. We provide the needed expertise to assist to design the optimum protocols for each project and if needed contribute our broad range of expertise to help our customers understand the best strategies to proceed with the drug discovery projects. >> more on our Scientific Account Management.

After discussion with our clients, we provide you with a suggested brief study protocol, argumented scientifically. We also have a large network of scientific advisors, whose opinions we are keen to ask in larger or more complicated studies.

Broad range of expertise and services

SBW was initially created by acquisitions of existing top-quality speciality CROs to an integrated large platform of research services. We provide standalone services and comprehensive solutions that are integrated with our clients own research activities globally.

Our major strength lies in solving complex challenges for our clients and helping them reach their research goals by thoroughly explaining what the findings mean and recommending next steps for their research. We call this the Intelligent Throughput Service – ITS.

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Our expertise, services and platforms include

Majority of our scientists are with a PhD degree and our customers are in direct interaction with the study director and other involved scientists. >>more on our expertise

Our commitment to R&D to improve our capabilities

Our values state us to put significant part of our resources to R&D for innovation and development of novel methods for drug research in collaboration with academic entities and other research organizations and companies.

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For us reporting the study is not just giving the numbers (unless thats what you want). A study done with excellent science can be without value, unless the results are explained and scientific conclusions are drawn. We put a lot of effort to our reporting, written by the study director and other involved scientists, where we also provide clear explanation of the results and suggest followup actions. We also make sure our customers understand the results and therefore our studies include interactive expert advice explaining the results. When applicable, our reporting style follows the style of scientific papers, including summary, introduction, materials and methods, results, discussion and references. We are also flexible to use the reporting format requested by our customers, so that all the followup studies get to be executed fluently. >>Contact us to ask a sample report to see it yourself.


This is from where it all starts from. SBW employs highly experienced life science personnels with industry and academic track records. Major part of our scientist have PhD degree. Customer communication is directly with the study director and other involved scientists.

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Our location

We are located in Helsinki, Finland and have offices also in Germany and North America.

Pricing models

We offer different price models where pricing depends on customer commitment and the amount of synergy created between multiple molecules, multiple species and cascade studies.
Pricing models
• RedAlert is express service with a 48-hour turn-around time for selected studies.
• Pile-up study collects molecules from SBW’s customers to get a synergy benefit for multiple molecules. In this price model studies are performed only once a month, which can lead to a longer than standard turn-around time
• Protocol modification: simplifying the used protocol will lead to reduced price
• Cascade studies (i.e. multiple molecules, multiple species and multiple services) lead to a considerable synergy account. Please see example in the prices list for metabolism studies in multiple species.
• Repeat business benefits from customer loyalty program with volume discount
• Annual volume business includes annual expenditure estimation with monthly invoicing and benefits from expenditure discount and priority service


Our quotation comes with a short study protocol and takes account all the possible synergy discounts. Quotation and short study protocol is free of charge and with no obligations.

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Study content

Our study prices include study planning with customer, execution, analytics, reporting and brief interactive consultation about the results. For prices of additional species, studies, numbers of compounds, and modifications not specified in the quotation, please contact us. The protocol is advisory, but tailoring in time points, study duration, concentrations, analytics etc. are always done to meet customer requirements and optimum conditions for individual projects.

Scientific account management

Going beyond the typical fee-for-service or FTE models, we offer a scientific account management for drug discovery customers. In these cases, we aim at more thorough understanding of the customer project situation and we will allocate our senior scientist to be in direct contact with our customer. Our scientific account manager coordinates SBW’s diverse scientific expertise and gathers all relevant resources to participate in project team. Customer can participate flexibly in the work at hand. Communication takes place more dynamically via e.g. weekly conference calls/video conference, where any issues are raised early and resolved quickly. Also all study results can be communicated quickly and they are obtained, without the need to wait for the official reports.

Scientific account management comes typically with Cascade studies, Repeat business and Annual volume business arrangements.

Additional information

For most of the studies we have fact sheets available on request and on our www site. We also have model reports available by request for many studies.


Confidentiality of customer data is an intrinsic part of our daily work. We have a long experience on working with sensitive customer data. All our employees and partners operate under confidentiality agreements.

Data exchange

We provide a secured Extranet site for our customers for rapid data exchange. Our Extranet makes project follow-up progress more integrated, enabling access to any data, project log book, meeting agendas etc. available at any time point.


We run bi-monthly campaigns with either introductory price for a new service or discounted price for already established service. These campaigns are announced via our electronic newsletter and our web site. In order to get this information, visit our www site frequently or subscribe to our Newsletter from this link.

More information

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