R&D as a core value of SBW


We put significant part of our resources to R&D for innovation and development of novel methods for drug research in collaboration with academic entities and other research organizations and companies. We feel that constant RD is the only way to stay competitive as a leading CRO, able to serve its worldwide customers with the lates technologies.

Public research programs

We are active in a number of industry and academia RD projects and programs for the various aspects of our service platforms. We have been involved in various EU funded as well as Finnish national funded R&D project consortia, with academic and industrial members. Should you want to have such participation with us, please contact us from this link.

Scientific articles

We also have published research articles, altogether since 2005, SBW employees have participated in more than 60 research papers. Follow this link for a list of publications.

Customer RD projects

We also provide our customers custom RD for developing of new methods and models for drug discovery and related industries. Once the technology or model is developed and validated, it can be transferred to the customer’s own laboratories or we can provide service using the model.

As a way for new technology co-development, we offer a model where the development is funded by the customer or public sources followed by significant cost reduction of the services using that model once its developed.

Contact us from this link.