SBW Divisions


SBW is an integrated CRO group. We have diverse spectrum of expertise in drug discovery, including areas like biochemistry, cell and molecular biology, analytical (ADME) chemistry, in vivo animal science, protein analytics and various ‘omics technologies. Modern drug discovery needs a multidisciplinary understanding of each project, e.g. rather than just a narrow analytical expertise.

SBW offers services in continuum for your project needs and also provides overarching guidance for managing the multiple disciplines needed in drug discovery. We understand the importance of timely project management and urgent supplementary data requirements.

SBW was originally build via acquisitions of existing Finnish companies in 2007. Since then, the expertise and platforms have been grown within the SBW group and new entities have been established. The original invested companies in 2007 were

SBW/Toxis – In vivo pharmacology unit

SBW/Toxis has the skills and knowledge to conduct the most demanding in vivo studies for pharmaceutical, food ingredient and biomaterials industries. SBW/Toxis was established in 2005.
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SBW/novamass – ADME/DMPK analytics unit

SBW/Novamass is the biggest discovery ADME provider in the Nordic countries and has a history of hundreds of customer projects since 2002.
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