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Welcome to Novamass


Novamass is a CRO performing ADME studies for drug discovery and development companies. SBW/Novamass core competencies are studies on in vitro drug metabolism, CYP related drug-drug interactions and permeation. Besides ADME studies, Novamass also provides tailor-made problem solving based on LC/MS for biopharmaceutical and chemical industry, and natural product analysis.

Novamass was founded in 2002 in Oulu, Northern Finland. We have moved to Helsinki in 2012. Our modern laboratories are located in Viikki campus area.

Mission statement

Our mission is to reduce time-to-market and cost-of-development of drugs by helping our customers: • to understand the nature of their lead molecules • to choose competent drug candidates timely and • improving success rate in the development

Providing “M” for ADME

We are the world’s leading expert in drug metabolism. We provide our customers with problem solving intelligence in: • Metabolic profiling • Metabolite identification • Drug interaction studies and • Other ADME* studies

Your benefit from being Novamass customer

  • Study methods optimised specifically for their molecule(s)
  • Real drug molecules used as reference compounds in studies
  • Superior efficiency and detection sensitivity by UPLC/TOF-MS in metabolite profiling
  • Scientifically high quality predictions
  • Detailed expert reports and conclusions
  • Free consultation for study start-up
  • Seamless link with various computational platforms for ADME, bioactivity and toxicity predictions and rational drug design

Novamass expertise and services

The variety of Novamass’s world leading expertise and services are presented in this www site. A good starting point is in our ADME/DMPK lead optimization pages.